Home. The place where one lives.

That’s only the start of the dictionary definition of a home. We all know that home is more than that. It’s a roof over our heads and our protection from the worst of the weather. It’s a place to raise children or to relax when they’ve flown the nest. It’s a place for work and hobbies, for entertaining and escaping. It’s where we feel safe when we close the door on the world outside.

We all have different dreams and

different views about what makes

the perfect home. For some people

it’s a charming country cottage.

Others might prefer a stylish

apartment in a city block. It might

be that it’s the home you live in

now – just needing a few changes

to move it from okay to fabulous.

Our Westminster Range can help

you make the move to your dream

home. Our windows, doors and

conservatories are designed to

create homes that are light, safe,

energy-efficient, secure,

weatherproof and easy to

maintain. Beyond that, the choice

is yours. We’ve got colors to suit

your home’s building materials,


that work for the way you live and

a great choice of stylish windows

ready to frame your perfect view.

We can help you build a bigger

home, a brighter home and a

better home.

It’s time to stop imagining a dream

home. It’s time you started living

in one.

Vinyl is Greener Than

You Might Think

Vinyl has had some bad press over the years but, if you’re concerned for the planet,

it’s wise to look again and to consider the whole picture:

  • Vinyl is insulating. Windows and doors made from this material keep homes warmer so less heating is required, cutting your fuel bills and carbon emissions. Our windows can achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of ‘A+’. They can also achieve a U-Factor of 0.14 – that’s up to Passivhaus standards.
  • Vinyl windows have a long life compared to timber and can be easily recycled.
  • Vinyl needs very little maintenance. A wipe down with mild detergent does the trick. Compare that to using paints, wood preservatives and fungicides with high levels of volatile compounds that are toxic to aquatic life.

Casement Windows
Casements are the most popular style of window in Europe

They are characterized by outward opening vents which are combined with fixed panes (lights). Almost any size or layout is possible. Casements are made using our Westminster Range of profiles, which have been engineered to give long lasting style and performance. Westminster profiles are slim, but strong and insulating. When combined with high quality glazing, they create a thermally efficient window which is robust and very easy to maintain. Permanently bonded, unobtrusive seals keep the rain on the outside – where it belongs – and secure multi-point locks keep your possessions safe.

Because properties and tastes differ, Westminster casements are available with either a classic beveled or a modern ovolo shape. There’s an extensive choice of glazing, including decorative glass, and a great selection of handles to complement the frames.

Windows are available in white, or in a range of beautiful wood effect finishes and stunning colors. If you want, you can even choose different finishes for the inside and outside of your home. Read more….

Tilt & Turn Windows
Tilt and turns combine simple, streamlined style with real practicality.

These windows are hinged at the base and tilt inwards for ventilation. With an extra turn of the handle, the frames can open fully into the room on a side hinge. That full opening means that tilt and turns can easily be cleaned from indoors – no need to struggle with ladders or to employ a window cleaner.

As well as the superb engineering, which provides secure all-round locking, Westminster tilt and turns are built to look good and to keep your home warm and weatherproof. And, if there are little ones at home, child-safety restrictors can also be fitted.

Tilt and turns are often used for hard to access properties or high-rise installation, but their sleek good looks will complement almost any home. There’s a choice of finishes, including flat and textured colored foils, wood effects and of course, the enduring classic, white.

Fully Reversible Windows
These smart looking windows are packed with great design features and deliver exceptional thermal performance.

Windows open outwards to either 100mm/4″ or 300mm/12″ but, when they need cleaning, they can be rotated, without entering the inside space, so there are no worries about snagging on drapes or blinds. Of course, your safety is paramount, so we fit safety catches and restrictors to protect you and your family at all times.

A range of glazing choices enables a Window Energy Rating up to ‘A+’, and these frames have the benefits of a recycled composite reinforcement that is not only insulating but is also kind to the planet. Like all our windows, Fully Reversibles are available in your choice of white, flat and textured colored foils and supplied with top-quality secure and reliable hardware.

Vertical sliders

The answer to the traditional sliding sash window, the Westminster Vertical Slider has all the elegance and charm of a timber original, but none of the drawbacks.

Say goodbye to drafts and broken sash cords. Say hello to pile-sealed frames and easy-to-operate balance mechanisms.

Westminster Vertical Sliders are renowned in the industry for their faithful replication of timber sash styling and for their advanced features. They include sashes that tilt inwards for ease of cleaning, child-safety catches, secure locking mechanisms and effective weather seals.

Even better, and great news when you’re replacing timber sashes, these widows are designed to achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of ‘A+’.

If you’re trying to match existing glazing, you’ll love the options available with the Westminster Vertical Slider. These include Georgian bars, sash horns and deep bottom rails as well as a wide choice of colors, sills and hardware. Read more….

Sliding Doors
Also known as patio doors, inline sliding doors are more popular than ever before.

The simple, neat lines are great for today’s homes and can open up any living space easily and without disturbing your furniture!

Choose from 2, 3 or 4 panes and a layout that suits your home and lifestyle. We use especially designed, trouble-free tracks and rollers to ensure effortless opening every single time, and a host of security features to ensure that when you want these doors to be closed, they’ll stay that way.

  • Perfect for patios, porches, conservatories, internal room dividers, outdoor offices
  • Secured with multi-point locks, hook-latches and anti-jacking technology
  • Midrail option
  • Choice of colors, wood-grained finishes or classic white Read more….

Bi-Folding Doors
Simply stunning. Replace a wall with a bi-folding door and the transformation is amazing. Light floods in, the room appears bigger and entertaining is a breeze when the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are so flexible.

Westminster bi-folding doors don’t just look fantastic. They are fantastic. They are as secure and weatherproof as all of our doors and windows and with energy-efficient double or even triple-glazing they are practical and insulating as well.

Configure the doors how you want. Up to seven panes and with your choice of access door location. Panes can be folded internally or externally and there are optional low thresholds to ease access. Choose classic white or any of our attractive colors to complement your home’s architecture, both indoors and out. Read more….

Who says vinyl has to be white? Who says you need timber for the detailed finishing touches? Not us! And we’ve got just what it takes to make windows, doors and conservatories look the way you want them to.

Westminster windows, doors and conservatories are available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes in addition to white. We use top quality durable foils that are bonded permanently to our profiles and which are guaranteed not to fade, peel or split. If you hate painting but love color or the patterns and textures of wood, then choose a low-maintenance way of expressing your spirit in your home. Simple, understated grays, vibrant primaries, striking modern black or the gentle harmony of green or cream: pick a color that complements your home’s structure, age and environment and make your own individual style statement.