Bi-Folding Doors & Windows

Thermally insulated aluminium bifold doors – offering modern aesthetics coupled with strength, durability and energy efficiency. Aluminium bifold doors are a great choice for extreme weather locations – ensuring your home stays the right temperature throughout the year, keeping energy bills low.

There’s no doubt that bi-folding doors look amazing, they are fantastic for opening up your living space to the great outdoors. But if you’re considering installing a large, floor-to-ceiling glass feature, you’ll want to make sure it’s one of the best.

Bi-folding doors can have between three and seven panes. Depending on the size of your home they can be combined with fixed panes to create an even larger feature.

They can open either external to your living space, or internally, and there are low-threshold options to make access easy.

The position of the access door is variable to suit your needs and bi-folding doors can be made in any of our colors and woodgrain finishes. If you want, you can choose different colors for the inside and the outside.

Vinyl bi-folding doors are secure, with hook latches and multipoint locking, and made using profiles design with security in mind. With toughened, energy-efficient glass throughout, and your choice of double or triple glazing, these doors ensure your living space is comfortable all year round.

Bi-Folding Door Opening Styles
A bi-fold door can accommodate many tastes, applications and building requirements.

3 Panels One Way

Max Width 144″

3/1 Panels Split

Max Width 192″

4 Panels One Way

Max Width 192″

5 Panels One Way

Max Width 240″

5/1 Panels Split

Max Width 288″

3/3 Panels Split

Max Width 288″

7 Panels One Way

Max Width 336″