Sliding Doors

Combine security, thermal performance and good looks and you get a winning combination! Westminster Sliding doors are so popular because they’ve got it all, and because homes are nicer to live in when there’s plenty of natural light. These sliding doors give the benefit of floor to ceiling glass in a very practical design that can be configured to suit your home.

Sliding Sliding doors open without disturbing your furniture – popping outside doesn’t have to be a hassle. They’re brilliant for making smaller rooms feel much larger and more open, but are equally at home in conservatories, orangeries, garden offices, porches or even as internal room dividers.

In the past, Sliding doors were seen as the weak spot of a home’s security. Today, however, designs have moved on and new technology has made these doors more secure than ever before.

  • Anti-jacking technology
  • Anti-lift blocks
  • Hook latches
  • High security multipoint locking
  • Toughened glass.