Product Benefits

Creating Your Perfect View

People like looking through windows. It’s a shame that they don’t spend as much time looking at them, because when you chose Westminster, the windows that frame your view are a brilliant balance of superb engineering, good looks, and thermal performance.

New windows need careful thinking. Do you keep the same styles as the frames you’re replacing, or change to something that’s more in-keeping with the age of your property? Do you want clear, uninterrupted lines and maximum glass, or the period detail of Georgian bars? Where’s the best position for handles? Is double or triple glazing best for your home?

Our profiles can be used to make all styles of windows, including casements, Tilt and Turns, Fully Reversible and Vertical sliders. All are available in the color of your choice and with your selection of finishing touches, hardware and glazing, ensuring that your new windows are perfect for your home. Rhino Windows will help you choose the best options for you.

How Energy-Efficient Are Our Windows & Doors?
It Depends on how the windows are constructed and on how they are glazed. Let’s go through a few basics.

First of all, our windows and doors are made from an insulating material (Vinyl) which has been moulded into multi-chambered profiles. Air within the chambers forms an insulating barrier.

Our frames are built with efficient seals to prevent draughts and where possible we use recycled composite material to reinforce the frames because of its excellent thermal properties.

A window is more than a frame – the glazing is critical too. Sealed units are carefully made using either two or three panes of glass,

with an inert, insulating gas filling the cavity. Thermal spacer bars keep the panes of glass apart and edge sealants give another boost to the performance. Using special coated glass (known as low-emissivity, or Low-E glass) allows the sun’s warmth to be captured, contributing to passive solar gain and helps to retain that warmth in your home. If it sounds complicated, we’re sorry. But there is good news. Windows and doors are now covered by regulations which mean that their energy performance has to be declared.

Triple Glazing
It sounds like an obvious choice: three panes of glass must be better than two, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Whilst triple-glazed windows can provide exceptional levels of insulation (demonstrated by low U-factors) good quality double-glazed windows can achieve the best window energy ratings.

If your home is highly insulated throughout then a triple-glazed window may be the best choice and will avoid cold spots in your home. Similarly, if you have large expanses of glass, live in a very noisy place or are keen to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, then that third pane is a good option.

Our view is that it’s unwise to pick triple-glazing without considering the facts. Triple-glazed windows are more expensive to make and, because they are heavier, more difficult and costly to install.

What’s more, that third pane of glass can actually reduce passive solar gain. The savings from tripleglazing may be moderate compared to top quality double-glazing.

We will help you to make the right decision. If you do decide that triple-glazing is right for you, we have a range of extremely efficient triple-glazing solutions to create the perfect stylish and insulating windows to suit your home.

Flawless Finishing Touches

The all-important final touches that help create the perfect match for your home.

  • Get creative with our comprehensive color collection, which includes stunning classic and contemporary hues alongside beautiful wood-effect finishes. You can even opt for different finishes for the inside and outside of your home.
  • Frame your view with a choice of profiles to give a timeless sculptured look or a sleek appearance for a more contemporary feel.
  • Add decorative details with sash horns, arched heads or Georgian bars, along with leaded, colored, patterned or etched glass.
  • Complete the look with quality hardware, matching aspects such as handle shape to your decor.

First-class Security
with not only elegance and authenticity in mind, but security too.

Rest assured, our windows and doors are tough enough to protect your home. All our products accommodate the very latest high-security hardware, including advanced multi-point locks, keeps and key-locking handles.

We’ve also incorporated clever design features for additional peace of mind. A central euro groove provides extra strength, with multiple layers making this less susceptible to manual attack, while thickening the areas around locks and handles keeps everything firmly in place.

Our Westminster doors and windows have been designed with not only elegance and authenticity in mind, but security too. They are multi-chambered and reinforced to prevent deflection through differing climates. This reinforcing also acts as secure fixing points for handles, latches and other screw fixed components. The balances maintain the equilibrium of the sash window at all points of travel and robust locking devices enhance the security of your home.

We’re committed to working sustainably and helping to create better buildings that are fit for 21st century needs.

The use (and reuse) of sustainable materials

Our systems use Vinyl and aluminum, both considered sustainable materials thanks to their long lifespan and ability to be easily recycled. In fact, Vinyl products last for over 40 years and can be recycled up to ten times, while aluminium is considered almost endlessly recyclable.

Many of our products contain an amount of recycled material. We’re working on ways to take this further with additional capability to reclaim Vinyl building materials at the end of their life, allowing us to increase the proportion of recycled material in our products.

Creating greener homes

Our window and door systems help to build more environmentally friendly homes, achieving excellent ratings for energy efficiency, cutting your carbon emissions. We’re always looking for ways to enhance our offering, with innovations such as RCM thermal inserts – which are made from 100% recycled Vinyl and provide a cost-effective way to improve insulation – and AEROFRAME technology to increase the insulation of our frames.

Our working practices

Thinking sustainably impacts everything we do as a modern business. This is reflected in our environmental policies for responsible sourcing of materials and the way in which we operate our facilities.